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Founded in 1987 and currently with a covered area of ​​10,000 m2, the Marcovil is defined as a mechanical engineering company focused on the technological development and manufacture of industrial equipments.
OUR VISION | Create an extraordinary industrial experience.
OUR MISSION | Design and manufacture equipments and industrial solutions that increase the value and effectiveness of the worldwide industry, with the commitment to a global service based on the proximity.
With a Management Model oriented towards the needs and satisfaction of Customers and also for a Sustainable Growth in view of the new social, environmental and economic dynamics of the XXI century, the Management Model is supported by three major pillars based on a solid foundation.
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We believe that business success of our Customers, goes through a constant and dynamic compromise between Know-How and Research & Development.
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 Apartado 25 3501-908 Viseu
 Tel: +351 232 470 470
 Fax: +351 232 478 881
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